You may think you don't have much to give, but we'll prove you wrong. If you need help discerning how and what you can give, we're here to help.
what can i give?


Give Your Time

You know that old saying “Time is money?” … well its true! We know that your time is precious and are so grateful to have volunteers so willing to help.

Give Your Talents

We have several opportunities for those who have a special talent to give. From music to leadership, painting to gardening, we have a need!

Give A Donation

We know that it can sometimes be difficult to give of your time and talents, but there may be an opportunity for you to support a financial need.

a note On Tithing

The subject of tithing has come up within our community and we have found that there are many people who are confused about the concept of tithing. It can be a tricky thing to talk about, but we feel it is very important to address at it is something we are called to do for our churches and communities.


What is Tithing?

Tithing is a discipline. It is a way we can live out our faith in God… faith that He will provide when we give of ourselves. The traditional tithe is 10% of your income, and can be given over time or in one lump sum. We have a recurring online payment system so you don’t have to worry about it!