We'll save you a seat

Although we all worship differently, we love being together. Come to church and surround yourself with friends and neighbors who care.

Sunday Morning 10am

Our 10am Sunday service follows a liturgy based on tradition and modern practices.  Our music varies from week to week, celebrating the diversity of our community. We make time to greet, pray, and every first Sunday we take communion at an open table (everyone is welcome). We love babies and wiggly children, and have couches in the back if thats more comfy for you!

Anthem 5:30pm

This unique worship service at 5:30pm on Sunday Evenings provides sacred space, room to dwell, and grace for all.  It is a medatitive and contemplative service that focuses heavily on music, scripture, and prayer.  We celebrate Holy Communion every Sunday.  It’s intimate and cozy and we’d love for you to join us. Come as you are (we mean that)!

Set Free To Serve and Transform the World

by Pastor Merrill Frailey | July 29, 2019

Set Free To Live

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A Meal and A Dance Party

by Pastor Merrill Frailey | July 7, 2019

ROAR - God Is Good

by Pastor Merrill Frailey | June 30, 2019

Open Hands

by Pastor Merrill Frailey | June 23, 2019

God's Creation

by Wes Young | July 14, 2019


by Craig Willson | May 5, 2019


by Pastor Merrill Frailey | May 12, 2019


by Pastor Merrill Frailey | April 28, 2019